Q: = Great blog just followed stay lifted =

Thanks dude you too :)

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Leave a “Would you ever” in my ask.

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Anyone feel like having a chat?
I haven’t been feeling like myself and I would like social interaction tbh

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Q: Hey! I was the anon that asked if you live with your gf. Just 'cause I'm about to move in with my grlfriend and I was wondering how you've found it so far. She and I have only been together about 8 months and I think it's a good move for us but it's also kind of stressful. DO you guys have a unit or share with other people in a house or?

It’s hard and definitely can put strain on to a relationship especially if you’re not ready or like time to yourself . But at the same time it’s great, everydayyoi wake up to cuddles& all that cute shit, and you constantly just have the person you love around and it’s just lovely.

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